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Tehna d.o.o.

More than 20 years of experience, a team with innovative ideas and absolute commitment to clients have helped TEHNA to become the oldest company in the field of prefabricated concrete structures in the modern history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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Our story

Our story begins in the late 80’s when the founder of Tehna, after gaining knowledge in the field of construction, gathers a team of construction workers from BiH and together with them embarks on the implementation of the most demanding projects in Croatia.

At the end of the 90’s, the expansion of industrial construction began in our area, so the knowledge and experience gained help us to be part of the largest projects in the field of prefabricated concrete structures when (1997) our limited liability company – TEHNA d.o.o. Gracanica.

In 1999, our company built the first plant in BiH for the production of reinforced concrete poles for low and medium voltage lines or “concreted poles” and founded a sister company Tehnobeton d.o.o. Gracanica.

Constant investments, social responsibility have helped Tehna to be an unavoidable fatcore in the production, transport and installation of prefabricated concrete structures.

Today, Tehna has over 1000 realized projects applied to our constructions, for various purposes: industrial halls, shopping centers, sports and recreational centers, residential buildings as well as civil engineering facilities – bridge structures.

Mission and vision

“Through innovation and digitalisation, we make construction even easier, faster and safer”: our vision is. At the same time, we will continue to move towards continuous improvement. We keep our eyes open for discovering new possibilities, only in that way can the sources of errors be identified and eliminated at an early stage.

We are discovering new markets and opportunities. We form successful alliances and partnerships. Ease of management in this difficult industry helps us to clearly find our potential.

We develop products and services that remove people’s fear of digitalization. Safety during construction is always a top priority. TEHNA remains faithful to its pioneering role and is always one step ahead.

Many companies rely on TEHNA as their construction partner, because we have made construction simple, fast and safe. In this way, we convey to our partners and clients the assurance that they have made the best choice with TEHNA. We want to realize projects that generations are enthusiastic about and participate in building a prosperous community.

TEHNA provides easy access to the offer, communicates clearly and directly with customers and offers a simple solution. The only difficulties in our company are our heavy products: prefabricated concrete elements.

Tehna today

Today, TEHNA is the only construction company whose management is exclusively women. They not only make construction more beautiful, but also more interesting and richer for new ways of approaching projects. At a time when construction is marked by male discourse, TEHNA is trying to change perceptions with its approaches and open the possibility for some new and different challenges.

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